From the Pastor

A word from the Pastor.

My personal Ministry Mission Statement comes from Luke 24:13-35. This text is titled in most Bibles “On the Road to Emmaus”.

Here two disciples are walking to Emmaus, distraught and confused over the events of the weekend. Jesus was crucified, died, buried and rose (according to the women).

While on the road Jesus, (but they didn’t know it was him) starts walking with them, listens to them, opens the scriptures with them and shares a meal with them. "Thus opening their eyes" causing them to run back to Jerusalem to share their experience with the others.

I’ll let you read the rest of the story to fill in the details.

With that short preface, here is my personal Ministry Mission Statement that has been inspired by this text.

Engage people in relationships, enlighten them with the Gospel through word and deed. Enable people to grow in their faith and empower others to create disciples. Thus starting the whole cycle over again.